New Meter Installation
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New Meter Installation

This year we started a new project exchanging meters in the distrrict.  This will be a lengthy project but will be a crucial factor in keeping track of our water usage and maintaing a low water loss. 

What you need to know:

  • There will be very little to no interuption in your service.  In most cases it will take less than five minutes to change your meter.  If water is being used at the time when the operator attemps to change the meter, they will attempt to make contact with the customer to ask if they can turn the water off to change the meter.  If contact can't be made we will skip your meter for now
  • A flag will be placed by your meter to bring attention to the customer.  With the atennas attached to the lid there could be a greater chance of being damaged by a mower.
  • Some meter wells may need to be changed out to complete the meter swap.  In that the event we will come back to replace it later.  The goal is to get as many changed out as quick as possible and then come back for the more time consuming ones
  • If you would like the meter well height raised or lowered, call the office to make that request or you can use the contact/feedback page on the website
  • Once the project is near completion and customers have one of the new meters installed they will be able to register to access a customer portal that will allow you to montior your usage.  Leak alerts can be set up to text you in the event water usage or flow exceeds the parameters set by the customer.


If you're curious to know more you can explore the websites linked below.  There is a feature overview of the customer portal that shows what customers can look forward to.

Thanks for your patience during this project

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