2024 Rate Chart
 Gallons of Water Used         Rate


2,000 $21.30
3,000 $31.95
4,000 $42.60
5,000 $53.25
6,000 $63.90
7.000 $74.55
8,000 $85.20
9,000 $95.85
10,000 $106.50
15,000 $159.75
20,000 $213.00
25,000 $266.25
30,000 $319.50
35,000 $372.75
45,000 $479.25
50,000 $532.50
75,000 $798.75
100,000 $1065.00

Each Benefit Unit is required to pay a $23.00 monthly Service Charge. This service charge covers the maintance and operating expenses of the water district.  This payment is required whether or not water is used.  

 Water is billed at $10.65 per thousand gallons of all water used with no sliding scale

Water meters are read once a month by our staff.  We try to read the meters on a routine schedule as much as possible to keep the billing periods consistant.  Weather and other external factors can effect are ability to achieve this. Bills are sent out on the last buisness day of the month and are due on the 20th of the following month.

Late charges will accrue after the 20th day of the month in which the payment was due. 
The late charges include ten percent (10%) of the balance due.

Disconnection of Service letters will be mailed out when deemed necessary based on balance due and last payment made.
If Payment does not reach our office by the specified date on the letter, an Operator will be forced to come collect payment or shut off the water.  At which point a Collection/Reconnection Fee of $50 will be applied to the balance due.

Return ACH/Check
When a Check or ACH draft that is returned account closed or insufficient funds the District will add a $25 fee to the account.


New Benefit Unit Cost

Meter Size

3/4                    $3,500
1"                      $6,000
1.5"                   $7,500
2"                    $12,000

Plus Installation Cost which will be determined at Present
based current price of parts and labor. A quote will be provided.