Boil Water Advisory Notice (Updated) (Rescinded)
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Boil Water Advisory Notice (Updated) (Rescinded)

(Update) 1/19/2024

Boil water advisory has been rescinded 

(Update) 1/17/204

I want to start off by thanking the customers of Shawnee Consolidated RWD#1 for their patience and understanding as we navigate through this boil advisory. As you have probably heard from multiple outlets, we will remain under the boil water advisory at least thru this weekend. City of Topeka has to test and report its results to KDHE for their advisory to be lifted. Once that happens, KDHE will call us and give us the green light to take our samples and turn them in to the KDHE lab. Hopefully, this can take place some time Friday. Afterwards, it will be up to the lab and KDHE on how fast the advisory gets lifted. Furthermore, for transparency sake, last Sunday we filled our towers to full with water having a chlorine residual of 3.2 mg/l, well above the required 1.0 mg/l. This allowed us to operate off of our towers until last night when we had to pump again to replenish our towers. We only filled what was necessary to minimize the chance of pulling in the water of concern. I feel like we accomplished that goal. The water that is currently being used and is in our towers, as of right now, is still holding strong at a 3.0 -3.2 mg/l.

This is why we are currently not recommending flushing for the 10-15 mins that the City of Topeka has told their customers to do. We believe that it would only be wasting the good water that we have and would cause us to have to pull water from the City of Topeka sooner than necessary.

It is still recommended to follow KDHE's boil water advisory, as its better to be safe than sorry. I hope you find this information beneficial and we will continue to monitor the water as this situation unfolds.

Thanks again


Good Morning customers of Shawnee RWD#1

As you are most likely aware, City of Topeka has issued a boil advisory. Since we purchase 100% of our water from them we are included in this advisory. As of the writing of this post the water that is entering the district still has a good chlorine level. We are going to do what we can to minimize the amount of the water in question from entering our district by filling our towers as full as we can while we are still getting good water. Hopefully we can operate of the towers long enough for City of Topeka to flush our the affected water. Here are a few links regarding the boil advisory.

We will notify you once the our advisory has been lifted.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.


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